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Life’s Pure Balance is about converting the way you live into a chemical free lifestyle. Stop by our site to see how Gene Wood can teach you to live healthy and chemical free.

Gene Wood

About Gene

  • B.S. in Chemical Engineering

  • 20+ years of experience working at a Chemically-driven Fortune 500 company in the Twin Cities

  • Teaches you about the chemical makeup of products and how they react, mix together, affect your family and pets

  • Former migraine headache sufferer

  • Provides easy solutions that positively impact your quality of life and health in your home and business.

 My products help ..

  • Eliminate migraines

  • Increase attendance at school and at work

  • Improve asthmatic-like conditions, allergic reactions, exhaustion, colds, etc.


  • Cleaners for your dishes, upholstery, hard surfaces and clothing

  • Products for your kitchen and bath that deodorize and disinfect

  • A cleaner for your fruits and vegetables

Natural-based products help people live a chemical-free lifestyle.

Gene Wood is a personal trainer for living an organic lifestyle. His knowledge and advice have led to healthier environments for families, pets, and businesses. Gene teaches people simple solutions that can help keep the air in their homes fresh and uncontaminated, which can help reduce migraine headaches, asthmatic-like conditions and allergic reactions such as dry, itchy skin, watering eyes, exhaustion, coughing/sneezing, and year-round cold-like symptoms. Living a chemical-free lifestyle can help your house look nicer and last longer as well. Floors, upholstery and clothing cleaned with natural-based products often look new longer, and they look and smell cleaner. Gene consults with and teaches people–in a simple and easy-to-understand way–how to live an organic lifestyle, oftentimes costing the clients little to nothing.

Ask Gene about his “Paco Seal of Approval”.

As the CBO (Chief Barking Officer) of Life’s Pure Balance, Paco has made it a mission to keep Life’s Pure Balance on task by being a true voice for his furry, four-legged and feathered friends. Paco’s charm and intelligence have helped him push his CEO into developing Life’s Pure Balance as a company that excels in offering a variety of chemical-free options to help make your business & home safe and toxin free. Recently he has been promoting his “Paco Seal of Approval.” Paco feels it is important to recognize families, pets and business professionals who are hard working, honest and deliver on their promises!

Obviously, Paco likes to associate with people of a high caliber. In fact, his ancestry can be traced back to the early 1300s when he was associated with aristocrats and French nobility. With this as a background, one can understand how he networks with other pets at local parks and grooming salons, telling his friends about the quality and integrity of his CEO.

Hoping you’re breathing easy and living life to the fullest,

Gene Wood – CEO

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