Fruit & Veggie Wash

by Life’s Pure Balance

One Concentrated Wash

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Customer Reviews

The fruit and veggie wash is amazing! My kids can’t believe how much better the apples taste. And using it to wash lettuce makes it crisp and fresh tasting. The best product fruit and veggie wash on the market!

I did a test and washed some grapes with water and others with LPB’s Fruit and Veggie wash. I asked my 5 yr old which ones she preferred, and she immediately chose the ones that had been washed with the Fruit and Veggie wash! You can visibly tell the fruit is cleaner (the water afterward was filthy), and they TASTE better! If you are a mom and want your kids to eat more fruits and veggies, try LPB! You’ll feel good about washing all those chemicals off too.

GROSS!!!! That’s what the water was in the sink after I soaked my strawberries and grapes with Fruit and Vegetable Wash. My husband and I have been battling washing fruits and veggies for years. I want to wash them, and he just lightly runs them underwater. He was greatly shocked when he saw the water. THE FRUIT AND VEGGIE WASH IS WONDERFUL! Don’t wonder any longer what’s on your food. Wash it down the drain…

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