“In 2017, I started washing my raspberries in the Earth’s Natural Fruit and Vegetable Wash and we were pretty amazed at the amount of what I would call “filth” that was in and on the berries. A two-minute soak and quick rinse was all it took to get them clean. And they taste better too. I’m convinced the Earth’s Natural Fruit and Vegetable Wash gives us better tasting produce and I will continue to use it in the future.”

“We have been using Earth’s Natural Fruit and Vegetable Wash for about a year now. We were a bit skeptical at first that we might be throwing our money down the drain, but that’s not the case at all. It actually ends up saving us money as we definitely get a longer shelf life with the product. We will continue to use this product as we can rest easy knowing that any pesticides, dirt, etc. is completely rinsed away on our fruits and vegetables. This is very important as we serve a large amount of fruits and vegetables to our restaurant customers daily, the rave reviews we receive let us know we have made the right decision!”