Earth’s Natural Fruit & Vegetable Wash Product Summary
• Solution is a proprietary citric acid-based formulation
• No known allergens
• FDA/EPA clearance and Food Code compliance information available upon request
• Wash study information and how it enhances nutrition available upon request
• Testimonials available by Food Safety Experts, Nutritionists and Chefs/GM’s
• Surface of produce will be clean; when rubbed with fingers you may hear a squeak
• Better tasting produce; there will be no wash residue left on the surface of the produce; allowing the flavor to be crisp and true for all produce; washing process will not damage tender produce
• Lettuce of all kinds will be crisp; wash, rinse and cool; ready to serve within 1 to 3 hours
• Extended shelf life by 2 to 4 days is typical
• Each gallon of wash will cost 10 cents

Businesses Currently Using Earth’s Natural Fruit and Vegetable Wash
1. Restaurants
2. Catering companies
3. Grocery stores
4. In-home chefs of all levels
5. Food manufacturing such as pickles & jams

On-site Product Washing Demos Available
• Giving samples of washed grapes along with additional support media, promo cards and Social Media promotions along with store promotions