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Ask and Ye Shall be Rewarded…or Maybe not.

By Bill Adler, MPH, RS Technical Food Safety Consultant When I was working with restaurants, etc, there was a two-fold fear among my peers that our agency wasn’t doing enough to protect the dining public. The regulations under which we worked were geared towards providing protection from bacteria and viruses. Little, actually, was being done […]

Washing Romaine Lettuce Recipe

Tools needed Water Earth’s Natural Fruit and Vegetable Wash Bowl big enough to hold a minimum of 1 gallon of water Salad spinner bowl or cloth Romaine lettuce Timer Plastic storage bag 1 tsp measuring spoon     Washing steps – Note – Laboratory testing has shown that, due to the increased surface area of […]

The Nature of Parabens

By Bill Adler, MPH, RS Technical Food Safety Consultant They’ve been around for a while.  Parabens, in the form of fruit coverings, are there to provide microbiological protection.  Low-dose studies in adults show no problems.  But studies are done on animals, microbes, and adult humans.  Nothing has been done in terms of kids or babies, […]