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It’s 2022 and we have lots that are new! Check out Life’s Pure Balance Earth’s Natural Fruit and Vegetable Wash pouch & bundled offerings!

  • Stand-up Pouches, 150 ml: 1 pack, 2 pack, 3 pack, and bundles!
    • Earth’s Natural Fruit and Vegetable wash concentrate now comes to you in a more environmentally friendly package. Each teaspoon of concentrate will wash up to 20 lbs of produce, something no other wash on the market can do. It is a “no residue” wash solution, designed to wash away surface debris and contaminants leaving behind only the flavor Mother Nature intended. This is a wash and rinse process that is simple to do and very effective. The result is fruits and vegetables that have a cleaner, crisper flavor and will last up to 4 days longer, thereby reducing your waste. Wash, rinse, and compare the flavor of produce washed with this product versus any other product or washing process, you will not be disappointed.
    • Why Stand-up Pouches – Top 3 Reasons
      • 50% to 85% less packaging as measured by weight
      • Less energy and carbon costs are required to produce, ship, and store
      • Stand-up pouches are recyclable