Have you noticed?

“Pouches, organic bags, amber bottles, bundles, what in the world are you doing?” asked one of my customers!

It’s about the environment! It’s about value!

I am trying as best as I can to align this business around being a good steward of our environment and available resources. While this transition is not easy for a small business, it’s important that you, as my customer, know that we are trying! If you have read my book, you will know that I grew up on a farm, where I learned how to nurture the land and love the animals.

Pouches. We are trying to move away from using plastic bottles by going to “stand-up pouches”. As an astute shopper, you have no doubt seen pouches displayed in the stores where you shop. Stand-up pouches offer three very distinct benefits. They consume 50% to 85% less packaging (plastic) as measured by weight. Thinking in terms of carbon, they take less energy to produce, ship and store. Stand-up pouches are recyclable. While this transition will take time, we expect to be 100% pouches within a year or two.

Reusable bags. I am currently offering 10″W x 12″H ECOBAGS® Organic Produce Bags with Reusable Drawstring. These are designed to replace those dang plastic bags you use to put your produce in when shopping. These bags are 100% GOTS Certified organic cotton mesh produce bags for the perfect zero waste option. These produce bags will help to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh longer due to their breathable fabric. They are also handy for organizing, traveling, the gym, or even eco-friendly holiday gift bags. Bags are made in accordance with a fair wage, fair labor, and SA 8000 standards for both environmental and social responsibility.

Details on the bags:

  1. Tare Weight: 0.9 oz, 26g
  2. Machine wash cold, hang dry
  3. Special Notes:

a) Perfect for all types of produce

b) Handy for organizing

c) Lightweight on scale

d) Fair Wage / Fair Labor

e) Recyclable as a textile

Amber bottles. We sell a lot of 8oz bottles of fruit and veggie wash. It is fair to say it is the most popular size. Yet many people have said they would like the pump capability on the 8oz as it makes it easy to dispense. The amber 8oz bottle is designed to be used as a one-time purchase and refilled via the 150ml pouch. When your 8oz bottle is low on solution, you simply order one or two more pouches, refill your 8oz amber bottle, and you are good to go!

Product bundles. To increase the value of products you are receiving, we have assembled several bundles of products, all in an attempt to provide increased value to our customers.

Thank you for reading; I sincerely appreciate you and your business!


Gene Wood

Owner – Life’s Pure Balance